Altitude Sickness

COVER Altitude SicknessFrom the esteemed indie publisher Future Tense Books

“Litsa’s sentences are precise, brutal, and reek of love, beauty, and integrity. Reading Altitude Sickness I had all kinds of feelings: I envied Neal’s partner’s love, and I got mad at him for leaving her behind. But more importantly I kept thinking this is not prose, this is poetry, plain and simple. An intense dose of confronting life, love, and death. I am grateful this book exists.”

Maged Zaher, author of The Revolution Happened and You Didn’t Call Me, Thank You for the Window Office, Portrait of the Poet as an Engineer; winner of the The Stranger’s 2013 Genius Award for Literature

“Whether through snark or anonymity, the Internet has made emotional nuance a rare commodity in 2014. Litsa Dremousis consistently proves herself to be unafraid to reverse this trend. Whether it’s love, lust, sex (different than the previous two), illness, or raw anger, she explores what it means to allow yourself to truly feel (or not) in the context of a tragic loss. It’s fascinating, risky, and honest. You should download Altitude Sickness immediately if not sooner.”

Sean Beaudoin, author of The Infects and Wise Young Fool

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